January 01, 2009

New Years Resolution

I've decided that one way to make the New Year more fun for both myself and for my customers is to do a monthly draw for a free stamp set!  Each month, every purchase of $25 will be entered into the draw.  If you purchase $50 worth of merchandise, you will be entered into the draw twice and so on.  Online orders as well as orders placed directly through me will be included.  The only exception will be club purchases.  Your $25 minimum monthly order will be exempt, but if you order $50 or more your name would be entered in the draw.  I think it is the whole holiday thing about giving presents, but it is so much fun that I decided to make it more regular.  I will post the winner for the month on the first day of the following month!  Punches Three will be the stamp set for the month of January!

I know my blogging seems to be few and far between right now but I'm sure you are also checking a lot less often with all the hub bub of the holidays.  I have been teaching myself how to use a Mac for the past week as my amazing hubby bought me a Mac Book for Christmas.  I'm not quite as quick as I was on my PC, but I"m definitely loving it.  It is so easy to use and never freezes up:)

As well, I am often to Orlando, Florida for a three day SU convention on January 6th.  I can't wait; I'll get the new catalogue there and hopefully some sneak peeks of what's to come!  I am participating in some swaps while there so I have been working on some cards for those this week.  For those of you who aren't familiar with swaps, they are just like a giant trading circle of cards.  You make 10 of the same card for example and then stand in a circle with 10 other women.  Everyone takes a card and then passes them on.  The benefit of this being that you go home with some fabulous new ideas.  I can't wait to share them with you when I get back.  My intention is to take my new computer with me and hopefully share some of the excitement with you!

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  1. Ang you are amazing. I read your blog and snoop around while I am working he he he, now you are off on a retreat - all by yourself no kids or hubby?? You are an inspiration and so wish I had the dedication like you - as I said I have started scrapbbooking , a long time ago now and only have 2 pages in each of the kids books!! My new years resolution!! Keep inspiring me!~


Thanks so much for your comments; they are GREATLY appreciated. They are what keeps me posting from day to day:)