January 17, 2009

Definition of a Die Hard!

I thought that I should share with you the lengths that some people will go to to get their Stampin' Up fix!  I'm giggling as I write this as I know this would be me if I didn't already have access to it all at home as well as the excuse to have you all come to me:)

Those of you who have been following my blog since the summer would remember Dee.  We met over the phone while we were both in the Okanagan in the summer.  Although Dee lives in Alberta, she convinced her amazing husband to make the trek down to North Vancouver from the Okanagan to attend my first Open House.  Terrifying as holding my first Open House was, Dee's sweet and adorable personality instantly put me at ease and I actually found myself having more fun than I ever imagined that afternoon.

Well, here we are five months later, and I got the best news!  Dee is making the trek again!  This time she is coming from her home in Alberta which is about an hour away from Red Deer!  If that isn't a die hard, I don't know what is!  I am so excited to see her again.  No pressure on Dee, but I can't wait to introduce you to her at my Open House.  She is a scrapbook queen and I can't wait to have the opportunity in the summer to get together with her and learn!

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