January 22, 2009

Can You Believe It?

I was just uploading pictures from my camera so that I could work on a scrapbook page and up popped this photo.  This was taken on Boxing Day.  The best part is that this was before the snow even got bad!  If you look closely at the tree to the right of the gate you'll notice that the snow comes up to about the midway of the trunk.  When the snow was at its worst this year we could no longer see the trunk of the tree.  

Some of you may be looking at this photo and saying "so what, it's a little snow", well let me explain.  In North Vancouver, where we live, we probably get snow on about three occasions over the course of a year.  Each time it snows, it's probably around for about 24 hours and then the rain washes it away completely.  It is now January 22nd and we have yet to see it go.  It started on about December 17th and I have yet to see my lawn.  The worst part is that people here have no "snow etiquette".  Most people don't even know that it is their responsibility to shovel the sidewalk in front of their house, and most side streets are now one lane as the cars are still parking in the middle of the road because of the snow banks on the side.  Our forecast is calling for snow this weekend!  Don't laugh, but I just don't want it to mess with my Open House, you don't mess with a woman and her stamps! 

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