January 08, 2009

Four "Generations" of stampers!

Okay, let me explain the title of this post... this is four generations in the sense of Stampin' Up's downline levels.  Kristina Koch, on the far left, is the one who created the card in my previous post.  She is the upline of Ann Driscoll, second from the left, who is the upline of Kari Metzger, second from the right, who is my upline!  I hope that's as clear as mud to you now:)  All of these women are truly amazing.  (Sandra and Heather, you know that we need to add the fifth generation here next year!)  Kristina is one of the top 10 demos in Canada!  Can you tell from this photo that my hair and Florida don't get along?????  I thought that it would be easier to wear my straight while I was here; the humidity didn't even cross my mind.  I had to straighten it three times yesterday in an attempt to get the frizz under control!

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