January 23, 2009

Something's Missing

One of the first things that my upline, Kari Metzger, and myself noticed when we received the catalogues at Leadership Conference was that the supply list was missing from the back of the catalogue.  This was the section that you could go to see exactly which supplies were used to make the samples on each page of the catalogue.  I  assume that leaving this out of the catalogue is likely due to available space as the Big Shot and all of the amazing accessories have been added to the catalogue.  Fortunately this does mean that we have to go without. Stampin' Up has provided us with this feature; it is just available on line this time!  Personally I think that it is in an even better format than previous catalogues as there is a picture besides each description allowing you to find samples more easily.  The link is available on the Stampin' Up customer website, here  or you can access it on the side of my blog after this post.  Happy Browsing!

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