January 30, 2009

Bye Bye Coluzzle!

The Coluzzle starter kit #102264 and refill blades #102721 have recently been discontinued by the manufacturer.  I am assuming that this was not something SU had a heads up on as they probably wouldn't have put it in the new catalogue.  Although the refill blades are already sold out, the starter kit is still available in limited supply and will be available only until SU has depleted their inventory.  For those of you owning a Coluzzle ( I would be one of those), make sure to buy up the replacement blades that you find in crafts stores as this is likely the end of a very popular product.

On a more positive note, I just received my Circle Scissor Plus #112530  yesterday and it is fabulous.  Although you are limited to circles (the Coluzzle allowed us to do ovals as well), the range of sizes is far superior and the ability to make rings of any size up to 6" as well as the circles is a real plus.  It is also so much easier to use as there is none of the snipping the little pieces that hold things in place afterwards.  It also comes with an adapter so that you can use it to draw the varied sizes of circles instead of just cutting them. 

I have a scrapbook page already in the works... I'll share soon!

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