August 12, 2009

My dog's uncle!

Okay, this post could be a little confusing so make sure to follow closely. This is a bit of those stories that starts with, "my aunt's, cousin's, dog's friend:). This was a photo that we had taken while at Convention of the Colourful Impressions group that I am part of. Kristina Koch, who is in the far right of the back row, is the leader of our group; I am in her third level downline! Major talent here! She was 6th top demonstrator in Canada this year! Now that I've got you oohing and aahing... check this out, in the front row on the far right is my direct upline Kari Metzger... she was the 7th top demonstrator in Canada this year and the third place Rising Star last year! The best part of the whole process is that by joining my little group you get to part of the West Coast Creators, my group, Sea to Sky Stampers, Kari's group, Created by Design, Ann's group, and Colourful Impressions, Kristina's group. I hope that you all noticed Shelli standing in the middle of all of us! It may as well be Brad Pitt as far as I'm concerned... she is absolutely AMAZING and so real it makes your head spin. If being part of this fabulous team is something that interests you at all, whether for the discount, the business opportunity of the just the friendships, then make sure to contact me and don't forget to check out the fabulous promotion in my right side bar! From August 12th-16th, any people who sign up as part of my West Coast Creators group will receive the stamp set of their choice from the current catty! This is in addition to the fabulous extras that Stampin' Up is offering you!

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  1. What a great pic of all of you together, I bet there is A LOT of talent in that group!!! Can't wait to hear ALL about it!
    Miss you guys,



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