August 04, 2009

Convention Swap #1

Well, I would love to brag and say that I completed all 97 of these cards on my own, but that's not the case. I was lucky enough to have had my mom and dad staying with me for the past three weeks and my mom loves a challenge! When I designed my original swap card last week I decided to share it with my mom to see what she thought. I probably should have explained to her that I planned on making a 100 before I asked for that input as the card just became more and more complicated:) I actually stopped at 97 as I ran out of supplies. I was so thrilled to be done three days before I left that we actually did 44 more of another card that I'll share with you tomorrow!

Today, I'm on the plane on my way to Convention in Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to share with you while I"m there, make sure to check back daily for updates:)

On another note I wanted to wish my AMAZING husband Happy Anniversary! Not only does he put up with all of my crazy stamping and support me wholeheartedly, he also agreed to me ditching him on our anniversary! (I have a strange feeling that this could come back to haunt me:)


  1. WOW, What an amazing swap! If you have any left I call dibs on one!
    PS - Have fun... I am jealous!

  2. There is my favorite swap card... I totally love the Pirate card.... I think it's like one of my favorite of convention....

    Hello girl look at you! RISING STAR and FOUNDERS CIRCLE... You totally Rock! Get ready for a few new stamps in your passport you are going to be busy.... How cool is that!

    What a cute blog you have I am so glad to have run in to you at Convention.... Come over and stay in touch...


  3. I was one of the very lucky people at convention to have swapped a card with you. I just love it. Congrats to you for your achievements.


  4. Congrats Angela, Patty Bennett has posted your swap on her blog. You're a rock star now!


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