August 05, 2009


First of all let me start off by saying that Convention is absolutely CRAZY and I now understand why people love coming so much. It is much more than I ever imagined and today made it absolutely AMAZING! This picture is of me at the awards booth today. I received a message when I did my online check-in last week that let me know that I had won an award and that I needed to report to the awards booth. I received 6 new stamp sets on top of the ones that I got in my Convention bag. Then I received the best news ever... I was going to Founder's Circle. For those of you saying "huh?" I'll give you a brief explanation. Every year Stampin' Up sends about 130 demonstrators from across North America to Utah for a 5 day retreat. As a Canadian there are very few opportunities to earn this reward as we only make up about 10% of the demonstrators in North America. We only make up 22 of the roughly 130 demonstrators. I am in that group! We found out at the Awards Booth only when they brought out our Founder's Circle Convention bag which we go in addition to the already adorable convention bag (yes Sabriena, it's too cute!:) Everybody in the area screams when the Founder's Circle Bags come out of the back and makes a huge deal. It was so much fun and my upline Kari, who is also attending Founder's Circle snapped this pic as I was receving my bag. Tomorrow night is that actual awards ceremony and that is where I will find out what place I came in for the Rising Star Award in Canada as they award this to the top three demos in Canada for their first complete year. Can't wait to share more with you! I've got some fabulous swaps to show you over the next little while! Tomorrow morning is the first General Session and apparently we will be hearing some big news tomorrow!


  1. WAY TO GO ANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Jeez, I have been waiting all day for this post! - No joke your blog hits probably went up by like 100 today just from me!)
    WOHOOOOOOO!!!! I am soooo excited for you.... And yes a little jealous!
    Next year we are so going to rock convention and founders circle together!
    Ps - That is an amazing picture!

  2. congrats ange! that's great news!

  3. Congratulations to you! You'll LOVE FC :) way to go....

  4. Congratulations Ange, that is soooo exciting!! It sounds like tunz of fun, I love reading your blogs...keep'em coming!! Congrats again, lots of love!!

  5. CONGRATS. I knew you would do it!!!


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