November 11, 2008

Direct Case

Appalling as this may sound, in the process of getting ready for Lucas' birthday, the last thing to be completed was his card! Somehow the cake just seemed to take precedent! I guess at his age, I also know how little time is spent by him looking at his cards. Therefore, when I tell you that I realized at 9pm the night before his real birthday that I had no card, I hope you won't think I'm an awful mom! My husband said not to worry, and although I know Lucas won't notice now, I've kept all of their birthday cards from immediate family since they were born! I know that my darling second child would see it as some sign that I loved him less when he realizes in the anxst of his teens that I didn't make him a third birthday card:) Can you tell from this comment that I am the middle child of three (teehee). Anyway, I headed downstairs to my "haven" and decided that it was not the time to spend an hour creating. I went to Splitcoast and found this card. I cased it DIRECTLY! This is the Party Hearty stamp set. Looking at it now, I really wish that I had rolled the background squares with my Happy, Happy Birthday Stampin' Around stamp for a little extra something. I do love the simplicity of this card though, and it makes use of all of the In Colours with the exception of Pink Pirouette. I think that by taking out the Pacific Point and replacing it with the pink, and possibly changing the circles under the "Party hearty" as well as the star to flowers, that this could be a great girls' card as well...hmmm...maybe this is my job for tonight!

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