November 18, 2008

Announcing Angela's Little Elves!

Since I got into scrapbooking and stamping four years ago, my husband's shopping has become much more difficult. Although he has an endless list of items that I would love to have, the element of surprise has disappeared as I often have to go with him to show him exactly which items I've listed. In an attempt to return the element of surprise to Christmas, I will be offering a special promotion in the last two weeks of November (Nov 15th-30th). Ladies, your part in this is to email me your Christmas wish list, and pass on my email address or phone number (604-341-2950) to your husbands or family. Your husband's/ family's job is to contact me and I will help them select items from your wishlist. All orders of $50 or more will receive a 15% merchandise discount (taken off after shipping and taxes are calculated) All orders of $50+ will come gift wrapped when ready for pick up. Just a reminder that I also offer gift certificates for either merchandise or classes in specific dollar amounts. This offer ends November 30th so make sure to get your wishlist in! Orders are also available for shipment directly to your home (unfortunately they will not be gift wrapped as they will ship directly from Stampin' Up and a minimum $9.95 s/h charge will apply).
*This promotion only applies to orders placed directly through me and not my online ordering as I am unable to apply the discount to your online order.

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