November 20, 2008

Countdown to Holiday Extravaganza Sale

Stampin' Up has announced a Holiday Extravaganza Sale... only catch... neither you nor I knows what will be on sale! I think that they are making this much like the HUGE sales on Thanksgiving weekend in the states, where it is a surprise right up until the last moment. First thing on Wednesday November 26th, you will need to check either my blog or the Stampin' Up customer website for the details! I would love to give you a little hint as to what may be on sale, but I honestly have no idea. If you saw how well I did with the suspense of the new catalogue coming out in the summer, you'd know that this is almost too much for me to handle:) This sale will continue from November 26th through until December 1st. To make this work with my Angela's Little Elves Sale, I will hold off on placing the orders for your husbands and family members (unless they need them early) until I can find out if any of the items you were wishing for are on sale! This may ensure that good old mommy, or hubby, gets the most bang for their buck and you get more of the items that you wished for:) And so... the countdown begins... five days and counting:)

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