April 12, 2009

Showing Off:)

My sister-in-law is starting to show me up:) When I signed up with Stampin' Up as a demonstrator last March, my addiction rubbed off on Megan. She regularly attends my classes and is part of my monthly club. Somehow, she always finds cute little projects to case so that our kids get different gifts from "Auntie Mugs" than the ones that mommy did. Where she finds the time is beyond me as she has a one and two year old and works at two jobs! I heard from a source that her hubby even took part in making these! (I could be in huge trouble for letting that info out:) The best part was the dig my little boys made at me when they saw her's..."Auntie Mug's Easter baskets are bigger than your's mommy" Where's the loyalty:) The boys love them Mugs... thank you!

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