April 18, 2009

Guess Where I Am Today?

Well, Sean is on dad duty today as I am off to Seattle with the ladies! Today is one of the Regional Conferences for Stampin' Up. This will be the first Regionals that I've attended and I'm really looking forward to it after having gone to Leadership Conference in Orlando this January. This is also my lead up to Convention in Salt Lake City Utah this year; my plane ticket is purchased and I am counting down the days.

I really don't have any idea of how many people to expect at an event like the one today, but I've prepared my swap cards. My only goal for swaps this time around was to take more than I took to Leadership in January. I managed to have 50 ready that time. This is one of the cards that I designed to swap with Father's Day looming on the horizon.

If the idea of going to a Conference with a whack of other people with the same paper crafting obsession that so many of us seem to have is appealing to you, then you need to read yesterday's blog post about the fabulous promotion I'm offering those signing up as part of my team between now and May 4th!

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