March 15, 2011

Birthday Share:)

Sonja Horvat

Allison Canofari

Leslie-Ann Bailey

Last week was my birthday... funny how the older we get, the more we avoid celebrating our birthdays:)  In my head I am still 18 years old!    I wanted to share with you just a few of the STUNNING homemade birthday cards that I received!  Thank you ladies!

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  1. HAPPY B-day! Crap...wish I knew..or remembered! I SUCK at stuff like this! Hope you had a fab b-day!
    Miss you!!!!!!

  2. I am such a dough head. I moved some papers on my desk last night and BAM your card in the evelope all ready to be mailed was sitting there :-( Needless to say I should have opened the envelope and made it belated card but instead I ran it to the mail box. Fingers crossed you see it in your mailbox soon!!


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