June 26, 2010

Totally Not Stampin' Related..

My little brother is competing in the Western States 100 (A ONE HUNDRED MILE) trail race that started in Squaw Valley California this morning.  He will be finished sometime tomorrow morning... yes, they run straight through the night!  There are over 450 people competing in the race (all insane:).  If you want to check it out... here's the link:


 My brother's name is Peter Watson and he is bib #441 (currently in 122nd place overall).  His girlfriend Nicola Gildersleeve is also running in it, she is bib #209  (currently 12th place female and 9oth overall).

My mom, dad and sister are down there crewing for my brother...I couldn't go because my school didn't end until yesterday.  I'm a proud sis right now with tears running down my face everytime I check in on him online.


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  1. Not even on my radar screen to ever attempt such a feat! And he had better marry that girl because who else would join in on such an event! You should be proud - hope they both finish in grand style!

  2. Wow Angela - that is an AMAZING feat! I just checked in on your brother and at 6:20pm he is in 96th place overall! WOW what an accomplishment!

    I'll join with you on the
    "Go Pete Go!"


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