February 01, 2009

And the Winner is...

Well, seeing as today is February 1st I thought that I should do my January draw.  I wish that I could lie and tell you that I took it this morning, as Joe is in PJ's when I took this picture.  Unfortunately, I only took it 5 minutes ago, which makes it 4:15pm here in North Vancouver.  Today was a miserable day, more snow/ rain at our house; so we all lay low today.  Neither one of the boys is dressed yet, much to their father's chagrin.

Anyway, the part you're really waiting for is the winner of the stamp set... Dorothy! I will make sure that you get it this week!  Remember that the only way to get your name in this draw is with a $25 or more purchase (initial club order of $25 don't count).  Every $25 increment after that gets you another ticket.  Watch for February's stamp set to be posted tonight!

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