June 15, 2009

Thank You Notes As Promised

Well, I'd said that I'd share these with you and then my brain turned to mush. Once again, sorry for the photography, but I was away in the Okanagan again this weekend when I took my picture and I don't have my little white box to take my photos with... another thing to add to the pile for the car next time:) I cased these and now I'm madly hunting for the name as I bookmarked the link, but my links are too numerous to count. I'll update this today with her name. I've always loved the simplicity and cleanness of her work. These were perfect as I didn't make an entire card, only a card front. I scribed the little note to Joe's friends and family as there were MANY to do and then he signed all of them. He really loved that they had tools on them and decided that he wanted that on Dad's Father's Day card too! Don't worry, I won't forget to share that!

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