May 19, 2009


Okay, for the past few catalogues that Stampin' Up has released, I have had a number of you sitting and waiting by the phone for me to let you know that my new catties are here and ready for pick up. (who am I kidding.... some of you were waiting at my door when I got back from Orlando:) Well.... wait no longer! Stampin' Up made a huge announcement yesterday that in order to give demonstrators more time to get prepared for the launch of the new catty, we would be getting our single demonstrator catalogue with our first order placed in June. If you've been sitting on the fence about joining, this alone makes it worth it! Put this together with the fabulous promotion to join Stampin' Up for $99 right now and you've got it made:) Now if you really think this through, your first order placed gets an automatic 30% off instead of the 20% that we usually get on orders. If you timed your first order after your Starter Kit for June 1st you'd get: sign up for only $99 on the special starter kit available until May 31st, get your new catty almost three weeks before everyone else, get 30% off of your first order placed after your Starter Kit.... sounds great to me:) If you have any questions regarding becoming a demonstrator or if you're just looking for the discount, give me a call and I'll answer all your questions! Now I'm counting down the 12 days until I can place my first order!

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