October 30, 2008

Where's that sound coming from?

The other morning we woke up to wind and rain. Sean and I ended up in that slow mode after breakfast. The boys had eaten and went upstairs to play trains in Lucas' room while Sean and I sat together watching the news in silence! (this doesn't happen often in our house:). Anyway, the silence started to get to us and we realized that there had been very little noise coming from upstairs so Sean decided that he should go and have a look. I know that any of you with kids are moaning now as we all know that silence means trouble! As Sean was going up the stairs he could hear a buzzing sound coming from our bathroom, but both of the boys were now back in Lucas' room looking very guilty. Sean found the noise coming from his bathroom drawer. When he opened the drawer he was greeted by his hair clippers (still on) and a pile of hair! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! The boys have their preschool photos next week! Anyway, I managed to snap a picture of Joe's head with his bald spot, but Lucas has evaded photographing! It is a bit of a sore spot with him! Sean was a little upset with me after my comment, "now we're going to have to shave off all your hair... do you want to look like like your father?!"


  1. That's hilarious! When my daughter was quiet with her cousin up in her room (when they were 3) they'd drawn all over themselves with markers! And the stuffies, blankets, walls, furniture, carpet, etc. When we put them both in the bath the water turned green!

  2. That is the FUNNIEST thing I have read in a long time. Too funny. You'll have to post their preschool pictures for us to see though...lol.

    Oh and poor Sean...I feel sorry for him, but your comment was pretty funny!

  3. LOL - that is SO funny - I can only imagine. :)


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