August 05, 2008

Thinking of Joining?

I am definitely on information overload right now. Everytime that I look at my Stampin' Up Demonstrator info there's something new! Not only is the new Catalogue dropping on August 11th, but the promotions that are coming with it are insane! I must admit that I am more than impressed at the thought that has gone into the launch. The newest promo I read about today is by far the best if you've ever thought of becoming an SU demo now's the time! Not only have they done a promo if you want to buy the regular starter kit for $249 (+bonus:) but there's an option to join by buying a much smaller starter kit which still includes all of the business supplies! This is great for those of you who've been stamping for awhile and aren't necessarily in need of the basics! I joined purely as what they call a "discount demo", meaning that I knew I'd be buying a ton of stuff over the next year, so why not get a discount. That was at least my intention to start... it seems to have taken off before my eyes though! So, if you've been humming and hawing over this, now's the time to jump in! As part of my team you would also fall under two larger umbrellas, the Colourful Impressions group led by Kristina Koch who was one of the top 10 demos in Canada this year, but we also fall under Kari Metzger who was one of Stampin' Up's Rising Stars at Convention this year! Talk about a talented group, and we are able to attend both of their meetings! I have learnt so much through both of them. I would love to have you as part of my growing team whether as a discount demo, hobby demo, or a serious business demo! I'd love to give you more details on the promotion as they are not posted on the Customer Website until August 11th! I've also got an extra special bonus for the first three people who sign up under me in the month of August! Remember, you can sign up from my demo website . Go in under JOIN STAMPIN' UP, my password when you get there is "scrapaholic". Just remember the new promos with Stampin' Up don't start until August 11th! Let me know if you have any questions, or you can come over and we can do it together!

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