August 25, 2008

3-D Demo Revisited!

As promised, I am going to give you the directions for the little Halloween Cracker that I used for a demo at my Open House! Now here's the great part... I had already posted it for the larger version of the same box (the one I use for Gift Cards). By clicking on the second image it will take you directly to that post. Please excuse the picture... I thought I stunk at taking the pictures now... I REALLY stunk back then!
The ratio is exactly the same for the two crackers but the halloween one is 8" X 7.5". This time you'll do the score lines along the 7.5" side, putting one every 1.5". The measurements to use before the mark and cut portion is 3/ 1" marks per side and then from the second mark in you'll use a 0.5 measurement to give the top of your triangle. If you're scratching your head right now, don't worry... I'll do this as a make n' take at my crop night if you'd like:) As the ladies at the Open House said, this will make you the mom that "everybody loves to hate". No laughing, but I have 40 ready in a Valentine's theme for my two little boys preschool classes' Valentine's treat! I think that the teachers might need the larger version with the Starbucks gift card!
Don't worry my Open House ladies... the recipe for the cookies is still coming! I just have a special plan for how to present it and it requires a night of baking and my mom to be in town so I can get the recipe:)

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