August 25, 2008

The Men in My Life

Funny as it may sound, after having met some of the amazing women who I am flattered to say take the time to look at my blog, it felt different writing my blog. All of a sudden I wasn't talking to the "great unknown" of the internet, but instead to some very sweet people with lives much like mine! So, now that I feel like I am getting to know some of you, it's time that you know a little more about me. I have an amazing husband, Sean, who on top of working full time as a firefighter, takes care of our two little boys full time! On the five or six days a month that his shift work requires him to be at work on school days when I am working, my older sister takes my boys! Joe is 4 and Lucas will be three in November! Yes, you read it right, I am one of those crazy people who had my children a whopping seventeen months apart! I didn't know any better, my sister and I are 12 months and nine days apart! I work full time as a Grade 6/7 teacher, and as far as I'm concerned have the greatest career in the world! I also love that my job enables me to be with my children as much as I am. The last two photos are of my first "child" Diesel, an eight year old rhodesian ridgeback and my baby Rooney, a one year old German short-haired pointer. I am the only female in the house, but in Sean's words it takes that many males to balance out one of me:)


  1. So cute Ange,
    congrats on the open house! I often feel out numbered in my house too-hubby, Riley and two male dogs! Too funny!!

  2. We were the opposite in our house - all the children and pets were female and Colin was outnumbered, but it took that many girls to balance him out!


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