August 19, 2008

Home from Holidays!

We just arrived home from twelve days in the Okanagan today. What an amazing trip! I'll share the pictures of my my two year old "tubing" this week! I even connected with a new Stampin' Up lover while in the Okanagan. She thought that she was contacting me here in Vancouver! As it turned out we were directly across the lake from one another. I am so looking forward to meeting you Dee! Coming home was made into a reward in that when I arrived there were 5 huge Stampin' Up boxes on my doorstep that had come today! Everything is even more amazing than it looks in the catalogue! I can't wait for tomorrow to play. I was going to start to organize it all into my Stamp Room, but what fun would that be when you come for my Open House on Saturday! I can't wait to share!

I would also like to welcome two amazing women to my downline! Both Heather and Sandra have joined my team! I can't wait to spend more time with both of you! Look out Utah, here we come! (Little do they know it but I'm already planning our Convention trip for next year:). If you've been paying attention to my blog you'll know that means that I have only one more fabulous incentive gift on top of what Stampin' Up is offering for August. If you're sitting on the fence, call me and I can explain being a demo in a little more detail to you. (And if you're out there thinking "I should just join for the discount" you can do that too!

Look forward to frequent posts this week! My summer holidays are rapidly coming to an end so I'm going to make the most of it!

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