May 16, 2008

Girls' Night

I had two girlfriends over the other night for a little class on how to make the Carousel Notes purse! We knocked them off in under two hours. Sandra went home and made yet another adapting the idea to fit the arrival of a baby as a gift to her girlfriend! It turned out absolutely stunning. She forwarded me her pics and I got permission to share:)


  1. These are a great project...absolutely lovely!! Well Done! (from a fellow obsessed scrapbooking cardmaker!)

  2. Hello Diane! Thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog, it's nice to know there's someone out there! Anyhow, forward me your home address using my email account and I will send you a classic marker of your choice from the catalogue:)

  3. Okay!! totally addicted to this little purse. I'm trying to come up with birthdays and anniversaries I can make it for. Thanks for sharing!!


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