May 31, 2008

Gift Card Cracker

  1. Cut 12 x 12 paper to 11.25 x 12.

  2. Score along 11.25" side every 2.25" so that you put in four score lines

  3. Using the wheel guide and roller, roll you paper with the desired pattern

  4. Accordian fold the paper

  5. Looking at 2.25 x 12 rectangle, measure and put a mark at 1.5", 3' and 4.5' starting from all four corners

  6. At 3" mark measure in 3/4" and put a mark from each of the 3" markings

  7. Cut out a triangle starting from the 1/5" mark to the 3/4" in from the 3" mark and then back out to the 4.5" mark

  8. Using sticky tape, adhere one of the edges over the other to create a rectangular tube

  9. Pushing middle of ends of tubes in with pointer fingers squeeze ends of tube together

  10. Secure ends with ribbons

  11. Stamp and punch greeting and secure hodgepodge hardware to the outside of box

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