May 20, 2008

So there is somebody out there!

Diane, thanks for being the first person to leave a comment on my blog! It means a lot to know that people are having a look:) Anyway, please forward me via my email address your info as I would like to send you out a Stampin' Write Marker of your choice as a thanks. I really appreciate anyone's thoughts on the cards I post. I must admit the whole cardmaking thing has become a bit of an obsession. I am constantly looking for excuses to make new cards. I have had one lately as the Flea Market is rapidly approaching and my upline has encouraged her demos to have a display board up. (This is the excuse I am giving my husband anyway...tee hee).

Speaking of demos... if anyone is possibly contemplating this, right now it is a fabulous time! Stampin' Up is offering 20% off of the Starter Kit as well as your choice of a free Hodgepodge Hardware Set. Although I am quite new at this myself, I think it would be a blast to have a recruit to work through the ropes with. I started purely for the discount and now have begun to take it more seriously as I've realized I can do something I love and support my "scrapbooking habit" at the same time!

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  1. Hey, Ange! If you check the timestamps, I believe I was the first one to post a comment. I even had to open up an account! (Just trying to get credit where credit's due... I guess I don't have much of a life!)


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