May 20, 2008


Not only do I have two cousins graduating this month, but I also have 25 Grade Sevens moving to highschool! We technically don't call it graduation at that level, but it is still a big deal! This is the card for my male cousin; now the real challenge will be to come up with a card not using the actual word "grad" for my sevens, and to make twenty-four of them prior to June 24th:) I have to keep reminding myself that the cards have to come after their report cards!

On an adorable note, my oldest son, who is four, arrived home from preschool the other day with a homemade envelope and a bunch of paper scraps that he had chosen. When I asked him what they were for he said, "They're for you to make cards with mommy!" I melted!


  1. Why don't you do a take on the 70s tv show, call it "movin' on up" or something like that. I know it's not grad but they are movin' on up! I love the look of it and so easy to do this in so many different categories.

  2. Love your blog. I've been looking at it every day. Thanks for the great ideas!!


  3. Before I read Diane's comment, I was going to say "Movin' on Up" too. However, you could also use "Farewell" as that's what the assembly is called. Of course, that sounds so final. Hey - are you not making cards for the other class, too? I guess that's Susan's job...


Thanks so much for your comments; they are GREATLY appreciated. They are what keeps me posting from day to day:)