May 22, 2008

She's definitely not all that!

I was determined to use my She's All That stamp set tonight no matter what! That was the first mistake. I seem to do much better when I let the set choose me instead of me choosing the set! Anyway, on top of that, I decided that I also needed to make use of some patterned paper. Do you see where this is going...
Well, this is what I came up with. I had no idea where or how to place the patterned paper so it got stuck somewhere in the middle. So, here's your job, make some suggestions so that I can try this card over again and make it work. Either that, or tell me to get over it and move on:)


  1. I would say to stamp her in black. I love the look of silhouettes on blended colours!

  2. Here's my two bits worth...

    I agree with Heather about stamping in black but I think the ribbon could even be a lighter shade to really accentuate the black silhouette.
    Love the blended colors, not a technique I've mastered but I own a brayer!!

  3. I love it! Great idea. I agree - try the silhouette in black, but basic idea - love it!


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