May 30, 2008

How can four years have passed?

Well, today was the big day, my big guy's 4th Birthday! Somehow, we pulled it all off. I spent Wednesday night in emergency with my youngest and lastnight was no better as he spiked a fever. Sean and I managed to get everything ready though and hosted 13 four year olds in my school gymnasium after school. We had one slight problem with the party theme when Joe decided that he no longer wanted a pirate party and that he would rather have a bird party. When you look at the cake you'll see how mommy pulled it all together:) The pirate and hooks were actually made on my Cricut Expressions. He is about 16" tall if you were to see him in real life. I had him posted on the wall in the gym and the kids played "pin the hook on the pirate". The final photo is of some Christmas cracker styled goody bags that I made. Each one is 12" in length. I don't know if can see it in the photo but the are rolled with the Matey's Map jumbo wheel. I had the two pink done to distinguish the bags I'd done fo 2 of Joe's female buddies and the baby blue was for his one year old cousin, Jack! I will post the instructions for these crackers this weekend. They are fabulous if you like to give a gift card as a present and not in an envelope. I use them with the hodgepodge hardware on the outside to finish up.

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