August 03, 2010

6X6 DSP Share is Here!

Are you like me and feel the need to have every new DSP in the catty?  My problem is that everytime I see a card that someone else has created that I love, I feel the need to run downstairs and recreate it, but there is nothing that I hate more than finding out I don't have the DSP to make the card.  Well, on that note, I decided to create a 6x6 DSP Share for Canadians.  (sorry, but I'm not allowed to mail SU product to the US).

For $35 + shipping* you will receive a 6x6 piece (with the exception of 2 of the Nursery Suite pages which will be 1/4 of the shaped pieces) of each of the DSPs listed on pages 172-175** of the current catty.

*If you choose to pick up from me, there will be no additional shipping charges.
**This does not include the Prints Patterns Stacks on pg 175

Choose Appropriate Shipping

*the first 6  (4 left)  (1 left) orders placed will also receive a bonus with the two Summer Mini DSPs included in their share!

 Click Here to Place an Order

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