October 23, 2009

Did You Notice?

 Okay, I'm the first one to rave about all of the AMAZING colours that Stampin' Up has available, but they don't have EVERY colour.  When I'm making cards this isn't ever an issue as I'm not normally trying to match with anything other than the SU papers and inks that I'm already using.  Now scrapbooking is a different story... I need it to match EXACTLY!  I want to be able to tie my photo in with all of the other elements on my page.  My Digital Studio #118108 has the capabilities to allow me to do this!  There's a match colour option for the stamps that I put on my page.  So, for those of you who looked at this page and thought, "Wow, was she ever lucky to find those little tags in the perfect colour to match his shirt," ... it wasn't luck:)  After getting my post all ready I decided that I should probably erase some info from my photo for safety purposes so please excuse the blank box:)

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