September 18, 2009

What a DAY!

Today was AMAZING! We toured the Kanab manufacturing facility. I was blown away to see where the stamps are made and the process behind it. Something I realized is that not only is Stampin' Up an amazing company to represent, but the hands on approach is present in every aspect of their business. I have always assumed that the stamps were made using row after row of machinery, but I saw today that so much of it is hands on! I was even able to die cut a stamp set today. (proud to say that Quality Control found no errors:)

The photo of me and the other three girls was taken early this morning at breakfast as we had to be on the bus for 8am. The two hour ride there was a perfect opportunity to catch a little nap, chat with friends and participate in a discussion with Shelli who was on our bus on the way there!

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