September 09, 2009

OMG... I Love It!

Guaranteed that My Digital Studio arrives on the first day of school and on the night that we had our monthly club night:) I didn't really get to play until today and even at that I only had a few minutes. I just wanted to share with you how easy it is to put together a QUICK page. I had these adorable photos of my nephew from last spring so I decided to use them. I love working with black and white photos as there is really no limit to the colours you can put with them. I will definitely be a "hybrid scrapbooker" (someone who combines the digital scrapbooking with the traditional paper scrapbooking). I can't wait to put actual buttons on this page with some of the twine tied in. I'm going to reopen this file and try and mat my photos now! If I manage to do it successfully I'll upload again to add to this post:) Okay... here it is!


  1. look at you..SCRAPPING! Big girl!! hahaha Even if it is digital! hahah

  2. I can not wait to order mine!!! Those pages are amazing!


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