July 30, 2008

McKay family all at home!

Well, this has been my most trying four days yet as a parent! I had mentioned earlier that we had to gone to Washington to see my little brother in a trail race. What I didn't mention was that while we were down there my oldest son, Joe, had hurt his leg. When you're four you do that a lot so we didn't really think that much of it at the time. The problem was that happened on Saturday and on Monday he was unable to put any weight on the leg at all. Monday morning I trucked off to Women's and Children's hospital to have it checked in the emergency department as my family doctor is out of town until the middle of August. The doctors were very puzzled about the leg and were unable to make much of a diagnosis other than he had injured it and it was possibly, "reactive arthritis" We were discharged around noon and made it merely 12 blocks away when Joe started to have seizures... yes, you read that correctly! Between noon and 4pm he proceeded to have a total of 17 seizures! Sean and I were basket cases. Although I have epilepsy, my children have never shown any signs of it. I felt like they had every specialist in the hospital with my little boy. The staff there were more than amazing! Anyway, we have spent the past 72 hours at Women's and Children's. Joe was a trooper through x-rays, blood tests, lumbar punctures, EEG's, MRI's, and eye exams! We were finally sent home tonight with a little boy who is finally able to walk again. Unfortunately I have passed on my genes and my little angel has been diagnosed with epilepsy at this point. Sean and I could not have been more proud of how he handled it all! We are so relieved to be home together with Lucas tonight and are just counting our blessings that we went away with the diagnosis we did and not something more serious.

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  1. I'm so happy you're home, Ange, and that the news is (while still a bit tough), better than the alternative! Enjoy this much needed break from the hospital!!

    Love ya, chickie!


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