July 14, 2008

Bag that looks like a cantalope?????!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm starting this off with a very embarrassing little story. I had seen instructions for a "bagalope" on the internet and I kept thinking how on earth can one make a bag look like a cantalope????? (never crossed my mind that the word meant a bag made out of an envelope!) Anybody worried that I am teaching children now?!?! I had seen a purse much like this on Splitcoast so I set off in search of a tutorial! I loved the idea, the only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that the carousel notes were no longer available. I did find a way around this however; I used my Pick a Petal Brass Stencil. You get the exact shape of the carousel notes and you can use whatever colour of cardstock that you want! If you still have some leftover carousel notes this is a great little project. The purse is the perfect size to fill with some chocolates or dish clothes for a quick hostess gift. Again I was using up my Afternoon Tea Party on this practice project, but it turned out fabulous! The only thing that I would recommend is using sticky tape wherever the tutorial says using scotch tape. The scotch tape has no holding power at all! I used my sticky tape and this purse is never coming apart! I have included the link for the tutorial in case this is something you would like to try yourself! I know not everyone has access to all the tools needed to make something like this so I thought I would offer a class on August 6th from 8-10pm for $10. I will supply all the materials needed for this great little project! Let me know if you're in!

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