July 17, 2011


Not quite sure what is going on with my blog right now. It views totally normal in Safari, but completely wrong in Firefox.  I've checked a couple of other blogger blogs and they seem to be having the same issue so I'm hoping that it is something blogger will fix.  In the meantime, try using Safari if you're on a mac.  Let me know what is happening on the PC side of things as far as different browsers and whether or not you're able to see it:(

I figured it out... I cleared all of my cookies and now all blogs appear normal so it seems that the issue was right here on my own computer!  (not a surprise to anyone who knows me:)  Thanks for your feedback... it made me look at my own info:)  Back with a post in a bit:)
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Thanks so much for your comments; they are GREATLY appreciated. They are what keeps me posting from day to day:)