February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend... my photo storage on Blogger was FULL!!!  I guess that is what happens after three years of this:)  Now that I've got that sorted out... I'll share with you some projects that I was working on at home with my boys this weekend.  The boys each wanted boxes for Valentine's treats for their classes so we made up 40 of these little milk cartons with the owls on them along with 40 decorated sugar cookies:)  Now with mommy being a teacher, both of my boys are very aware of making sure that they don't forget their teachers... or their supervision aids... or the office staff...or the prinicipal.... need I go on????  teehee  You'll see here some special boxes that we made for those individuals:)  I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day with the ones that you love!

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  1. You are the BEST Momma ever? Need a 35 year old daughter??? ;)

  2. What great Valentine's treats! Bet everyone loved them.

  3. Wow...you are absolutely amazing! They look fabulous!


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