April 13, 2010

Quick Share Today...

 One of the boys was up pretty much the whole night with night terrors lastnight... new experience for me.  Exhausted, but off to spend the day with my Grade Sevens... wish me luck!  (or should I say, wish them luck:)

Here's another page from my Digital Studio scrapbook frenzy last weekend!

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MDS: Textured Cardstock (Add on), Vintage Overlays(Add on)


  1. So cute - Teagan had the terrors on Sunday night - poor thing. Lucky for me Brad heard her and got up and I didn't hear a thing.

  2. Look at my little nephew....not so little anymore! What a boy!! Sooo cute xox
    Hope you both have a better night sleep tonight!!!

  3. LOVE IT!!! As for the night terrors...we went through a bought of that last fall with my two year old son. It was very scary all I can say is to just be there for them and hug him...even though he may not realize you're there...

    My order with MDS is supposed to be here on Thursday and I can't wait to play!!!

    Stampin' Hugs and Wishes!



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