July 09, 2009

Christmas in July!

My poor UPS man was attacked at the door today. Usually my orders here by noon, but of course, today was the exception. I was waiting for my HUGE order from the new catty! I'm counting down the hours until the boys go to bed as tonight is PLAYTIME!

Yes... I blew the bundle, but this is one of the benefits of being a demo! I get my fabulous discount and I can write off items as my business supplies. When my son saw how much stuff there was he said, "quick, hide it before dad comes in!" The best part was that my hubby walked in and just rolled his eyes! (gotta love that man)

I can't wait to share it all with you at my Open House! Make sure to RSVP this week for your make-n-take!


  1. WOW! Im soooo jelous!!! It's feels like Christmas too when I recieved by starter kit... It's awsome!!

    Oh yeah... I got the free stamp set, I LOVE IT! Thanks again...


  2. LOL - did you unpack it at the bottom of your stairs? Couldn't even wait to get it in your studio - I can relate!!! :)


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