July 31, 2010

Guess What?

Stampin' Up has just announced that they will be offering Expedited Shipping to Canada! (THANK YOU STAMPIN' UP!)   Some of you may be wondering why this is such a big deal... well, if you're like me, waiting for that Stampin' Up parcel to arrive after a new Mini or catty has been launched is like TORTURE! I'm usually looking at 5 business days from the time that my parcel ships from SU, now it will only be two!!!!!!  Yiiipppppppeeeeeeee!!!!!!  (You'd kill yourself laughing if you could see my happy dance right now!)  Would you like free Expedited Shipping for the month of September?  If so, why don't you join my West Coast Creators team?  When you sign up in the month of August you will get free Expedited Shipping for the month of  September!  Guess what... that coincides with the launch of the new Holiday mini!  You could also time it so that it applies to your 30% discount on your first order placed as a new recruit!!!!!  (this doesn't include your Starter Kit).  If you want more details on this... ask me how!  I also have a SPECIAL incentive for all new members of my West Coast Creators team this monthHobby Demos are welcome!  Email or call me and ask me for details!

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