July 27, 2010

Extra! Extra!

Stampin' Up has just announced a fabulous offer for hostesses between today and August 31st!  For every workshop totalling $450+ you will receive an additional $35 in free merchandise (this makes $80 when you add it to the $45 you would have got already)! I know that the little pic on the side says $25, but trust me, it is $35 for Canadians!)   You can even hold your workshop at my house, just bring your friends and food:)

Click Here to Place an Order

Contact me to book your workshop!

1 comment:

Heather Johnston said...

Hey, Ange;

I'm the visitor from Rome, Lazio that shows up on your feedit live... I've finally got free internet so I have the chance to catch up a bit.

Hope you're doing well!