March 31, 2009

I'm the Luckiest Woman Alive!

I hadn't mentioned much about my trip on my blog, but my boys and I went back East for Spring Break. Sean was working, so I thought that it was a good opportunity to take the boys back to Winnipeg and Thunder Bay to see all of my relatives.

My hubby not only works full time as a firefighter, but is also primary caregiver to our two little boys. He is one of those people who just doesn't know how to relax! Once the trip was planned I kept emphasizing to my hubby how he was supposed to take some time for himself in the 6 days we were away.

Well... he failed to do that and instead, spent it doing something absolutely AMAZING for me! He took everything out of my craft room, filled every little hole in the walls and painted it for me. He even took a piece of my Baja Breeze cardstock to the paint store to have it matched as we had talked about how that was the colour that I was hoping to paint it this summer. The only downfall to him having done this wonderful thing for me was the he realized just how much stuff I had in my room... it's hard to hide it when he had to move it all out load by load:) I'll include one more photo as a separate post after this to show you one last photo!


  1. Thanks for the posting the pics I just have to convince my husband that I need his office ;-)

  2. Wow looks awesome! Where did you get the rack for your inkpads? I like it!


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