August 29, 2013

My Digital Studio Club Announced

I seem to have forgotten that I have My Digital Studio on my computer:( Lastnight I was sitting on the couch, computer in lap, and just too tired to go down to my room.  (I'm home for a few days to get the boys their haircuts and new runners etc:)  I clicked on my MDS icon and I was right back in the groove.  Made me remember why I loved it so much!

I've decided to give you a kick start if you're wanting to get into MDS.  Anyone joining my My Digital Studio Club from today through September 30th 2013 will get:

  •  access to a private website in which twice a month tutorials will be posted taking you right from the basics to some much more advanced techniques.  
  • September will be the first month of official club and you will commit to ordering a minimum of $25 per month for the eight month term (Sept 2013- April 2014). 
  • You can choose to order either digital product in those months or regular catalogue product.  If you choose to order regular catalogue product you will need to cover cost of having product shipped directly to you if you choose to order online using hostess code or you can email me your regular product order to add to the groups order but will need to pick up from me. 
  • You will receive $35 in free product in one of those months.  These dates will be determined by the end of September.
  • This club is available to Canadians only as I'm unable to sell outside of Canada.  
  • Each month a hostess code will be provided to you by the first day of the month so that you can purchase your downloads when convenient for you that month or as you see a download that you just have to have come up.  
  • Sign up in one of two ways, go to my online store and purchase the My Digital Studio software using hostess code YDF2AKNX

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