December 20, 2008

Better Late than Never!

Evrey year I vow to have my parcel ready to send to my relatives in Ontario early enough that I don't have to pay for Express Post. This year was no exception... I vowed and then failed miserably:) I finally got it in the mail today. I'm going to blame the whole thing on the photographer for the boys preschool this year; notice the denial here? I was hoping to have the boys school photos back early so that I could make the ornaments for my Grandma and Aunts and Uncles, but it seemed to take over three weeks this year to get them back. This would have been fine if they were taken in September, but we were the second week of November for photos. In the hub bub of all the Christmas Cards I forget about these. I had purchased the Country Living Kit which had a great sample of these adorable ornaments. The do spin quite naturally on the tree so I have one of the boys on either side of the ornamment, because although I would love an entire tree of pictures of my boys, I do realize that others may not:) Now I'm off to make them for my sister with her own children in them.

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