March 22, 2010

Best Birthday Gift!

Well, I have to admit that my hubby outdid himself this year... I got a Vespa for my birthday three weeks ago!   He managed to keep it a complete surprise until the morning of my actual birthday when I walked out to the garage to jump in my car and leave for work.  I had wanted to post a picture of it earlier, but I set a goal for myself that I was only allowed to share my exciting gift once I had used my MDS to scrapbook my page.

My only complaint with this gift is that the weather has not been cooperating and I have not been able to ride it nearly enough!  I'll take some more photos as soon as our weather clears up!  I can't wait to share the new helmet that I bought too... it inspired this page.  It is white with blue flowers:)  My niece suggested that I use my Big Shot to make white vinyl flowers for my Vespa as well:)

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  1. Love it! White flowers would be so cool! :-) Hopefully the sun comes out soon so you can go riding!

  2. You lucky girl! Happy belated birthday. Spring is here so lets hope it brings the nice weather.

  3. Next will have to be a picture of you riding with your helmet! That is a very nice scrapbook page!

  4. OMG! That is just awesome!!!!!! So CUTE! I want to see a picture of you on it!


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