June 10, 2008

Is anyone else's dad hard to shop for?

Every year I struggle with what to buy my dad for Father's Day; my husband is a breeze as his list of tools that he wants is bigger than the Sears Wishbook:) Anyway, I was visiting Dannie Graves blog (as usual) and I came across this wallet that she cased off of a woman named Lorri Heiling. Dannie has even posted a video on how to produce it yourself! This is my finished product! I think that I fill it with gift cards from Starbucks, Indigo, and possibly his favourite restaurant in Vancouver, The Cannery. I think that where cash would normally go I'll put some lottery tickets as that would be a common find in my dad's wallet.

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Heather said...

No, my Dad's easy to buy for - beer (he only wants consumables and nothing too expensive)! My husband is the hard one... he just buys whatever he wants whenever he wants it so there's nothing left to get him!

That wallet is a great idea for either one of them!