August 08, 2018

Puppy Update

Hi all, an update as to where I've been over the past few days. A week ago our 7 month old puppy Harley came down suddenly with something... fever, high white blood cell count and complete and total lethargy. We've seen no improvement in the past week and vet is stumped as all tests have come back negative. After multiple vet trips here, Harley is leaving the lake with Sean tomorrow to go to Critical Care in Vancouver. We're hoping for some answers there. Please know that I'm still here and will respond to questions, orders etc. All of my online ordering will work as normal and I'm staying on top of email orders as well:) Thanks so much for all your kind comments lately... they mean so much. I'm not one to ask but please say a prayer... my heart is breaking and I have to admit... I'm a little scared. I will post an update as soon as we have any info:)
Hugs, Ange

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