August 10, 2018

Harley Update:)

Okay... I'm trying not to be excited but we've now been almost 36 hours without a fever. Sean and Harley returned to lake today after spending the day in critical care yesterday and no answers. We got them to change his antibiotics and then they drove back up this morning. We went back to the vet in Salmon Arm up here this afternoon who drew blood work again (they didn't do this at critical care) and although WBC count is still high it has dropped by almost 35% . Fingers crossed that something is working or that it was simply a virus that is working its way through. In my 25 years of having a dog I've never been through anything like this! Please keep him in your prayers as whatever it is that everyone is doing seems to be working! Thank god that the vet here at the lake is the MOST AMAZING woman ever!!! So kind and caring and has called me at home every night for the past 9 days now and even facetimed with Sean in Vancouver this morning as she wanted to be able to see Harley's food response:)

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