November 29, 2017

The Best SU! Family Ever

I must start off by saying I have the most amazing Stampin' UP! family (team) ever!  They have flooded my mailbox with the most amazing cards this week and presented me with the beautiful bouquet and present shown in the last couple of photos:)  Is it odd to say that I never understood the enormity of the importance of receiving cards in the mail before?  I always felt special when I received birthday cards or Christmas cards etc. but to receive this many cards without an occasion was truly moving.  There were many tears shed as I sat and read through their sweet and kind messages.  The talent in this group blows my mind.
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Corie vanBiert

Gill Long

Jacquelyne Laburda

Emmanuelle Burelli

Amanda Gillmore

Stefanie Pletscher

Dorothy Turl

Jan West

Debbie Freeman

Maureen Brown

Jamie Zuest

Chandra Junck

Shanda Stirk

Shanda Stirk and Sarah Newman

Robyn Young

Louise Meissner

Gwen Davis

Sue Kimball

Lisa Flint

Sandi May

Ann Driscoll

Cynthia Curll

Marlaine Taylor

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